Centurion D5 Smart Nylon Gate Operator Kit


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Centurion D5 Sliding Gate Motor with Nylon Rack

Convenient domestic slide gate operator with the perfect balance between security, safety, speed and range. Installation is exceptionally user-friendly and operating the system is convenient and effortless. The system works with your mobile smartphone.


  • Domestic sliding gate operator with smart hardware.

  • Installers can use MyCentsys Pro App for effortless installation.

  • The system has inputs and outputs that can be individually configured.

  • Features a reliable battery backup.


  • The system is wireless for added convenience and easy installation.

  • Can reach a top speed of 30 metres per minute making the system the perfect balance between safety and speed.

  • Designed with exceptional cable management ensuring neat and flexible installation.

  • Features a smart height adjustment to achieve correct installation effortlessly.

  • Bolts are easily accessible.

  • User-friendly installation with components that clicks together neatly and sturdily.

  • The system boasts with two accessory trays which hold accessories firmly in place. This creates easy access to wiring should it be needed.

  • Complete logging system and diagnostics of events and functioning of the gate. This assists in troubleshooting and having crucial information ready at hand. It also monitors the system’s overall health like controller hardware, battery charger, overrides sensor, optional origin sensor, battery condition under load and external accessory health.

  • Enhanced theft-resistant cage with a patented design.

  • Vibration sensor that can be connected to a third-party device to inform you if the gate is being tampered with.

  • The battery charger has onboard diagnostics and smart communication between the battery charger and the controller.

  • The system is exceptionally resistant to interference thanks to an improved position control system that incorporates hall effect technology.

  • The system boasts with a convenient single action manual release.


  • Product Type: Security

  • Motor Size: 372.5 x 275 mm

  • Rack type: Nylon

  • Model: D5 Smart


  • Maximum number of operations per day: 150

  • Motor Voltage: 24VDC

  • Maximum gate mass: 500 kg

  • Maximum gate length: 100 m


  • 1 x Centurion D5 Smart Gate Motor

  • 1 x 4 metre nylon rack

  • 2 x remotes and batteries


  • For detailed installation and operation guidelines consult the Installation Manual.

  • The system can operate off a solar supply.

  • Gate opening and closing speeds can be adjusted.

  • Battery capacity can be increased for longer standby times.

  • Multiple buttons per remote can be used.


  • Store remotes in a safe place and away from pets and children.

  • Secure all easily accessed gate control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized opening of the gate.

  • Ensure that electronic parts of the motor are safely secured in the insulated box.


  • Make sure that the track is kept clear of dirt, stones and obstructions.

  • Ensure that the rollers run freely.

  • Regularly check the wheels and guide rollers for wear and replace if necessary.

  • Check the track regularly for damage or corrugation.

  • Clear all vegetation around the gate and gate motor.

  • Keep the inside of the motor housing clear of insects and dust.



  • Detailed safety instructions can be found in the enclosed instruction manual.


  • Specifications and data are based on the ambient temperature being 25º C and the unit is not in direct sunlight.

  • Specifications and data are based on a 4 m gate excluding all accessories.

  • Specifications and data are based on a motor push force of less than 50% of rated (Starting and running forces).

  • All installations must be done by a suitably qualified person.

  • Do not modify the components of the system under any circumstances.


CENTURION SYSTEMS (Pty) Ltd does not accept any liability caused by improper use of the product, or for use other than that for which the automated system was designed.


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