What`s your favorite DAD story?

Hi. My name is T. 

My dad is a disciplined military man. Great Guy! He is the classic example of the “hover dad” because you can actually hear the helicopter blades whirring. Growing up, he never missed a thing. He was pretty hands-on and always in my business! Every 21 seconds… “T, what you doing?” lol 

My favorite memory was back in 1996 at my aunt’s funeral. My dad came wearing his bright red suit with a blue shirt along with a red tie and white shoes. As with most traditional African funerals, its a large event. The ladies from the village will volunteer to handle the catering. With large crowds to feed, respectable adults at the gathering will usually be served first, followed by the children and then finally everybody else. Plates started coming out from the kitchen around midday. I was in the kitchen helping out with the ginger ale. It sucked! I just wanted to leave.

Anyway, one of the ladies came back from serving and stood by the door and asked loudly. “Hey Mapulane, Has Spiderman eaten?” The ladies in the kitchen were confused. “Who is spiderman?” they collectively asked. The lady opened the curtain and pointed out “That man there sitting by the tent in the red suit!” Laughter engulfed the room. Hilarious. It was my dad sitting there unbothered. Later that day I told him this story and he laughed. That was the day we started calling him spiderman. 

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Share with us your favorite DAD story in the comments below. What are you getting him for Father`s Day?

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