What is a G Clamp?

Usually, after you glue things together you know that you have to apply firm pressure to the individual parts being attached right? Imagine trying to bind two large heavy pieces together after applying glue, and you have to hold it together until the glue is dry. Depending on the temperature, moisture levels, wood used, and type of gluewood glue can take 20 minutes to several hours to dry. Let’s face it, you`re definitely not going to spend a whole day holding those pieces together, no way!  This is where the G Clamp comes to play, by applying the right amount of force for as long as you need, the G Clamp is perfectly ideal for the job.  

G Clamps come in many different sizes. Choosing the right size G Clamp is directly dependant on the size of what needs to be clamped. G Clamps are generally used for clamping objects, or workpieces/parts securely to a surface or workbench top.

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How do you tighten a G Clamp? 

Turning the tommy bar clockwise turns the threaded rod. The more you tighten it the more pressure is applied to the clamped objects. 

The G Clamp is pretty straight forward to use. Its frame is commonly made from drop forged steel and the thread road is resistant to wear because it is made from hardened and tempered steel.

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