DIY IDEAS DURING LOCKDOWN USING WOODOC | Personalised Gift Idea | Stencil & Serve

STEP 01 | Sand and Seal the pranks 

Sand down the wooden planks with sandpaper. Apply 1 coat of Woodoc 20 Clear Gloss to seal the wood for the exposed stenciled areas. Use a hammer to give the wood a slightly reclaimed wooden look.  Remember to sand lightly between coats.

STEP 02 | Apply the stencil & stain the wood

Draw your desired shape of the stencil onto the contact and cut it out. Add Stain Concentrate Teak to the Woodoc 20 Clear Gloss in a separate container by following the easy-to-use instructions. Sand  & seal the planks; Apply the stencil & stain the wood and serve… stencil

Good to KNOW | Any other CLEAR Solvent-Based Sealer from the Woodoc Range of Sealers may be used. You may use any shade of your preference from the Woodoc Stain Concentrate range. Click here to see our full range.

Wait for the sealer to dry completely and remove the stencil shape. Neaten the edges of the stenciled shape if some bleeding occurred. Optional: Sand the edges lightly to give a bit of a weathered look. Lastly, seal the knobs as you did the wooden planks to match it and attach to the top once dry.

END RESULT |     Serve It Up and Enjoy!



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