Over & Under Voltage Protection

So, why did we post the video on YouTube to protect against over and under voltage if we don’t make any money as we don’t sell any of the products? We believe that if one person helps another, even in a very little way, the life would be a sweeter place.

What happened with us, was that the grid went off in December due to heavy wind and rain. The property was without power for a while, and no one was at the property during this time. Once the power came back on, the yellow phase, or L2 as its also know, didn’t come back on. The fuse on the line was damaged.

One of our pumps came on during this time, and it burnt. Money not well spent. I started doing research, and found these items at our local electrical wholesaler shop. They helped me to understand the wiring, and the rest is now history (well, not really, its on YouTube) So, if you want to know how all the detail, please go to YouTube, and remember to subscribe.

PS, please remember to insure that your set up works correctly by testing it. Electrical equipment can always fail. I will not be taking any claims if you blow up something.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, follow the link below:


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De Klerk Kruger

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