Maintaining and Improving your windows.

William Shakespeare said, something really cool once, he said… “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

I agree. The eyes can tell you a lot about a person, whether it’s about their mood or wellbeing or what they ate last week. The same thing applies when we look at the windows of a house. Windows can prov… wait wait.. This easy guide is about maintaining and improving your windows; house windows, not  Microsoft Windows. 

During the festive season, it’s important to remember to let the natural light in and enjoy the natural aspects of your home with your family. We all want to get away and relax, and what better way is there than opening a window and letting the cool sea breeze in or opening up the curtains and watching the last few rays of the African sun fall over the buildings of the busy city?

There are so many ideas and ways to get your windows ready for the festive season. Our DIY_ Fanatics team created this easy guide to assist you with everything you might need to get your windows ready for the holiday celebrations at home, even if you won’t be spending the festive season at home this guide is for you too.

Right, so where do we start? Window Putty.

Replacing or adding 

Replacing window putty mainly applies only for the older window types and single-pane windows.

Usually window putty lasts for decades (if properly installed), before needing any replacement or care at all. The putty surrounds the glass which holds the glass in place and seals out the weather. Over several years, the putty hardens, cracks and even falls off the window, making the window fragile to wind and leaks coming in through the glass openings.

Replacing window putty takes about 15 minutes (depending on the window size and shape).

Tools needed? Just 3. It’s that easy:

  • Heat gun

Using these tools will enable you to use the materials needed most efficiently. These materials include:

  • Glazing points

  • Glazing putty

  • Window glass (if necessary)

 Step by step guide to replacing window putty easily by yourself.

  1.  Place the window frame onto a flat table.

  2. Using your heat gun, begin hitting the hard putty that you want to remove. Heating it makes it soft. Move the heat gun rapidly across the surface of the hard putty while deflecting the heat away from the glass with a metal sheet. Begin scraping it off.

  3. Now slide out the glazier points that are holding the window in place using a putty knife. What are the Glazier Points? Click here to find out more.

  4. With your Tork Craft Gloves on, begin putting pressure on the corners of the class to all it to pop up from the rabbet in the window frame. What is a rabbet? Click here to find out. Pull the glass out from the frame slowly and place on the side safely.

  5. Sand the rabbet smooth with 220-grit sandpaper until you get to bare wood.

  6. Using Woodoc exterior primer, swiftly paint the wood.

  7. Gather a handful of glazing putty. Roll it and knead until its warm. Pinch out medium portions and roll them into long worm-like shapes. Fill the rabbet and joints completely with these shapely pieces of putty.

  8. Insert the glass into the frame. As you firmly inert the glass you will notice the putty will squeeze right from under it. Do not be alarmed. That is good. Keep pressing until the glass is firmly in place.

  9. Insert glazing points to hold the glass into place. The glazing points will hold the pane firmly in place

  10. Grab another hand full of putty. Knead until warm and make thicker wormlike shapes. Begin placing these over the glass where the rabbet meets. Make sure that you maintain the shape and apply enough putty to cover the entire edge.

  11. Spread the putty evenly maintaining a 45-degree angle.

Remember to rather replace the whole window if the window is cracked or broken, as the window can break further becoming a danger hazard.

After installing your new window and/or adding your new window putty it’s important to clean your windows right away to remove any unwanted marks and putty that might have rubbed off where it wasn’t supposed to.


What can I use instead of window putty?
Choose between acrylic silicone caulk  widely known as glazing putty
How long does window putty need to dry before painting?

It can either take between 5 to 7 days or 15 to 17 days to dry depending on what formulations it is.

Why does window putty crack?
Sunlight creates small cracks in the putty, when water sips into these cracks it expands them further. 
Is Primer necessary before putty?
Applying a primer layer on top of the putty is very important because primer seals cracks and dents in the wood frame this will work well to keep the essential putty oils from sipping into the wood frame as well as keep the surface waterproof
Can you putty over old putty?
You can patch in new putty on top of old putty as long as the old stuff is still adhering well. If the old putty is really bad with deep cracks it won’t last.


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