#lockdownFuntime | How To DiY A Garden Fence

You had a bright idea the other day. You thought in order to kill time during the lockdown you would plant a few of those seeds you found as you were cleaning out your garage. You found carrots, strawberries, and some flower seeds. You planned your day well and headed for the garden. As you bent and toiled the soil you could not help but notice that sheesh… Its hard work! You probably chuckled a little. The thought of ripping this hard work in a couple of weeks lightened up your mood and made it all worth it. You`re done for the day, all that is left to do now is to just allow for regular lite irrigation. 

The last thing you would want to happen after all that hard work is to find footprints in your flower bed. Someone with a nerve stomped their way on your new seedlings. It appears as if there was some form of rain dance! You immediately begin a spirited investigation into exactly what happened here. You find tiny little human footprints, you also see some dog prints. You know exactly who the culprits are. You storm into the house calling for little Sam. “This is a teachable moment.” You say to yourself as you open doors looking for your youngest daughter. Finally, you have found her, unfortunately, little Sam is being bathed, you can`t disturb. There is soil on her little shoes, and you know for sure that it was her. She didn’t know that you planted things there though. She was just going to fetch her ball and the dog followed her…  Sucks, right? I know. 


The garden fence is one of the most overlooked garden features the world over. Gardeners often feel it is unnecessary until “stomp the yard” happens. Installing a garden fence is an easy DIY fix however, one that can be done in a short time. Bear in mind that due to the COVID19 Lockdown in South Africa right now you can`t exactly leave the house to go buy fencing accessories. Nonetheless, you can make use of all the extra wooden planks around your yard. Look around you should be able to find a few. Cut them up, paint them white and have the kids help decorate the planks.

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 Playing in the garden


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