How to make a Kitty Scratching Post yourself, the easy way.

There is such a variety of choices when it comes to choosing items for your fluffy friends, but we’ve all bought something disastrous at least once in our lives and sworn never to repeat that mistake again. Luckily for you, we have you covered!

Scratching posts are essentials for cats; not only do they stop them clawing all of your precious things, but its also vital for cats’ mental and physical health. Scratching allows cats to work most of the muscles and tendons from the top to the bottom of their body. Cats also mark their territory by scratching. The scent glands in your cat’s paws let them claim the space as theirs while they scratch, and the physical scratch marks leave a message for other cats, too. Being able to mark their territory will leave your cat more relaxed and confident, decreasing their scratching elsewhere in your house.

It is essential that your scratching post meets the following criteria for your cat to love it and use it permanently:

  1. Make it tall: the cat needs to stand and scratch, so if 40cm is too short, then make it longer!
  2. Make it strong: cats would scratch trees in the wild to mark their territory, so the post needs to be similarly strong… and not fall over when being scratched.
  3. Make it nice: your cat will enjoy scratching it if it is made from a material that is deep enough, isn’t sharp, and doesn’t completely shred in a few seconds. Sisal is a great material for this and widely available, even online.

Create this project simply with… 

1. Alcolin Contact Adhesive


2. Alcolin PVC weld


Let’s throw in a quick video tutorial just because…

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