Jump Starting Your Vehicle – Here is what you should know

If jumper cables are available and the booster battery is in another car; in both cars, set handbrakes, turn off  all switches, place gear selector in Neutral or Park position, make certain cars do not touch, then proceed in this exact sequence –

  1. Connect the red cable clamp to the positive post of the discharged
  2. Connect other end of the red cable clamp to the positive post of the live
  3. Connect the black cable clamp to the negative post of the live
  4. MAKE FINAL CONNECTION ON ENGINE BLOCK OF DEAD (STALLED) CAR – as far away as possible from battery. Make certain cars do not touch.
  5. Attempt to start ‘dead vehicle’ with ‘live vehicle’ engine OFF. If vehicle has not started in 15 seconds stop procedure and check ignition and fuel systems.
  6. To remove cables – reverse this exact procedure.

It is recommended that before jump starting, all light switches in the “dead vehicle” are in the on position. This will reduce the possibility of a “spike” which could damage sensitive equipment. If in doubt refer to vehicle manufacturers hand book.

This jump start information was proudly provide by Exide Batteries

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