Is your home festive season ready?

Today is the 4th of December,  this date confirms that the festive season is upon us. It`s funny how the year is almost over. 2019. What a year!

The Christmas season also called the holiday season, or the festive season, is an annually recurring period recognized in many countries as a period that is generally considered to run from late November to early January.

The festive season usually comes like a sneeze, it`s suddenly here! In many instances, you find that most people are ready for the holidays (after working all year) but their homes just aren’t ready enough. Whether you will be leaving your home (attended or unattended) going away on vacation for many days or visiting friends and family OR you will be hosting friends and family at your house there are many things you need to consider or fix before doing either-or. We are here to tell you what those things are and how you can quickly fix them easily by yourself… 

We thought of creating a FESTIVE SEASON READY HOME DIY GUIDE to help you with repairs and installations that you can do yourself easily without spending so much money hiring someone to repair, or fix for you. This FSRH-DIY GUIDE will help you get ready quickly, easily regardless of your skill level if you follow the instructions carefully. In this FSRH-DIY GUIDE  we decided to focus on predicaments that are most common in different areas of the home. See Area Guide Below.

Every day for the next two weeks we will be posting a quick FSRH DIY Blog + a Video if necessary. We will also provide you with a Buying Guide for each application. Subscribe to our newsletter to get these blogs sent straight to you first on a daily basis..

DIY is a lifestyle. A worth-it collection of hobbies. It`s really fulfilling and satisfying to make, fix and install things by yourself. Not to mention; it’s a pretty cool way to save money. 

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