Introducing Franklin Electric Co., Inc.

Franklin Electric Co., Inc., incorporated on November 12, 1946, designs, manufactures and distributes water and fuel pumping systems, consisting of primarily of submersible motors, pumps, electronic controls and related parts and equipment. The Company’s segments include Water Systems segment, the Fueling Systems segment and Other. The Company’s water pumping systems move fresh and wastewater for the housing, agriculture, and other industrial end markets. The Company’s Water Systems and Fueling Systems products, and related equipment are sold to specialty distributors and some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as industrial and petroleum equipment distributors and oil and utility companies.



Water Systems

The Company’s Water Systems segment is engaged in the production and marketing of water pumping systems and offers motors, pumps, drives, electronic controls and monitoring devices. The Water Systems segment designs, manufactures and sells motors, pumps, electronic controls and related parts and equipment primarily for use in groundwater, wastewater and fuel transfer applications. Water Systems motors and pumps are used principally for pumping clean water and wastewater in a range of residential, agricultural and industrial applications. Water Systems also manufactures electronic drives and controls for the motors which control functionality and provide protection from various hazards, such as electric surges, over-heating or dry wells or tanks.

The segment includes a range of activities, such as electronic drives and controls for submersible pumping, above-ground pumping and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications; solar pumping technology, including models and accessories for the Fhoton Solar Pumping Systems; submersible and surface pumps for agricultural and municipal applications, and gray water pumping equipment, including the redesigned PowerSewer Systems and the IGPDS series dual seal grinder pumps. It also includes condensate removal pumps, including the VCC-20-P designed for use in plenum applications; submersible motor technology and motor protection, including permanent magnet motors, and artificial lift systems for gas well dewatering and oil pumping, including pump shrouds, abrasion resistant pump geometries, pumps for oil handling and drives for deeper set pumps.

Fueling Systems

The Company’s Fueling Systems is engaged in the production and marketing of fuel pumping systems, fuel containment systems, and monitoring and control systems. The segment designs, manufactures and sells pumps, pipe, sumps, fittings, vapor recovery components, electronic controls, monitoring devices and related parts and equipment for use in submersible fueling system applications.


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