How to Setup EZVIZ C3W ezGuard Wifi Camera on an Android Smartphone

Unboxing the  EZVIZ C3W ezGuard Wifi Camera. 

How To Setup The C3W On An Android Device.

How To Setup The C3W On An Android Device.


1. How do I download the recorded video clips?

You can manually record the video while in live view mode or playback mode. While in live view or playback mode > Tap on the record icon to start the manual recording. Once the recordings have been completed, your video will be saved to “my album” on your EZVIZ mobile app.

2. I have inserted a Micro SD card, but the app still shows “No memory card”?

1) Check the installation orientation for the MicroSD card. Ensure that you have installed the memory card in the correct orientation.

2) Refresh the home page to update the device list.

3) Go to check the storage status, if the memory card status displays as “Uninitialized”, tap to initialize it. The status will then change to “Normal”. Then you can start recording any event triggered video in the camera such as motion detection.

3. Alarm notification messages received, but no message notification sound, how can I resolve this?

Ensure that your mobile phone is not set to “Silent” mode.

For Android Devices

In the device management page of the EZVIZ app, ensure that the notification sound is turned ON.

For iOS devices,

Go to the system settings page of the phone;

Scroll down to EZVIZ;

Turn on the notification sound from that page;

4. My mobile phone cannot play the live video, but other phones can play, how can this problem be resolved?

1) Ensure that you are logged into the correct account.

2) Check the internet connection of your mobile phone (browse other websites to ensure good internet connectivity), switch from Wi-Fi or 4GHz to rule out all Network problems, then refresh the page to try again.

3) You can try to view the live video using the EZVIZ Studio. If the device cannot be viewed, then try to restart the device.

4) If you get the prompt “maximum connection reached”, please close the video feed on other clients.

5. Why does my playback video Stop for a few seconds or get stuck on my mobile phone?

This is caused by the mobile device reaching its maximum network bandwidth. Ensure that you close all applications utilizing network traffic on your mobile device. 



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