How to make a perfect hamburger patty!

Claasen Design

This is the perfect burger…

 It’s perfect because of this perfect patty…

The perfect patty is perfect because of this perfect patty former!

For a fast and simple way to form excellent shapely, compact burgers all you need is the Claasens Designs` Patty Former. 

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The Claasens patty formers (presses) are made from cast aluminum and is epoxy coated. Thus making them easy to clean in warm, soapy water and should be dried thoroughly. Other than that, the patty formers are maintenance-free.

For best results : Use freshly ground mince, press into a little ball and place on a patty divider (available as an optional extra). Lower the patty former over the mince and exert pressure.

Operation is easy: The firmer the pressure, the firmer the patty will be. Lift the patty former and place another patty divider on top.

It is only necessary to use patty dividers should you need to stack and freeze the patties.




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