How to improve your home security system

Keeping your family safe and secure is one of the most important things in life, but also the aspect that causes us the most stress. Thieves are getting smarter and better at what they do, so it is essential that we need to keep our security systems up to date and always try to stay one step ahead.


Living in these modern times, we have so many options to choose from when it comes to security. The question arises: “What can I do to make my home more secure?” Luckily, at FarmAbility, we have amazing security solutions to help you to sleep better at night.  


One way to improve your security system, is by preventing the criminal reaching your home without your knowledge. Protecting the perimeter around your premises, gives you valuable time to react if a dangerous situation occurs and is best done with a two or three stage barrier. Additional security measures can prevent you from being rudely awakened with the criminal already at your doorstep.


The first product you will need, is a Gallagher electric fence energizer, followed by a DSC or Paradox alarm system. TAKEX twin security beam can be used in conjuction with either the DSC or Paradox alarm system. Now you can monitor your drive way and fence line with ease and without putting yourself in harms way. The TAKEX Twin Beam offers you unrivalled perimeter protection and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The photoelectric technology used, ensures that your beams will not be affected by vehicle head lights, direct or indirect sunlight. 


Making use of CCTV cameras allows you to see outside of your home or office if the alarm triggers. HIKVISION has a range of cameras that is a great addition to your security system. Together with the beams, it allows you to detect a perimeter breach, and follow the intruder from the safety of your home.

Both the alarm systems and the CCTV system connects with IOS or Andriod apps. This means that you can monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

Be in control even when you’re not at home. Now you can have that peace of mind even when you’re on holiday.


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