A spork is a fork and spoon fused together to make one ULTIMATE super eating utensil on the go. Campers and off-grid adventurists love sporks!

How do you get one? Easy it comes together with Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food Jar With Spork.

Conversations with some of the people we know who drive long distances on a regular basis because of work and other obligations revealed that most if not all of them really wish they could bring along homemade meals.

Preservation is at the top of the reasons why most long-distance drivers and travelers, as well as campers and adventurers, just don’t even bother bringing delicious meals from home with on their trips.  But, with Stanley`s Adventure Vacuum Food Jar, the annoyance of not being able to take with your homemade food is a guaranteed bygone vexation. 

Who Is Stanley PMI?

Stanley is a renowned manufacturer of heavy-duty vacuum food containers and flasks. The Adventure series thermos are of an undefeated quality. This product is made of two-layer 18/8 grade stainless steel with precision vacuum insulation. 

Its calculated design caters for a dynamic demographic, regardless of gender and age. The exterior build is made from extra-rigid materials intended for rough handling ideal for camping, on a construction site, fieldwork on a farm, in an autobody or carpentry workshop.


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