Got Rats? Deal With them, One Time!

Hi there.

Here’ s a list of things beyond your control

  1. Fuel Price.
  2. Load- shedding.
  3. Droughts
  4. Floods

And, here’s a list of things you can CONTROL

  1. Your rat problem!

If your planning on having the boys over to watch the PSL Awards this weekend or if you’re a rugby fan and you’ve invited the Du Preez twins over for a once in a life time day of watching supersport on your big screen TV and you’re worried about the rats coming out to play, worry not mate. We are about to remove your rat problem from your home for good. Here’s how.

Rodenticide! Yup, that’s the best solution. I will try as hard as I can to not turn this article into another gruesome episode from Game of Thrones. I won’t be creepy. I promise. My expert advice is; you need an effective, long lasting solution to your rodent problem and I strongly recommend Protek’s Kill All Rat and Mouse Wax Blocks & Protek’s Kill All Rat and Mouse Pellets. Here’s why,

Protek’s Kill All Rat and Mouse Wax Blocks is a grain rodenticide packed as wax blocks

Pack sizes: sensitive

85 g & 500 g


  • Controls norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  • Convenient and easy application
  • Ready to use wax blocks
  • Single feed

Protek’s Kill All Rat and Mouse Pellets is a pelleted rodenticide.

Pack sizes:

50 g & 500 g


  • Controls norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  • Convenient and easy application
  • Ready to use pellets
  • Single feed 


Unfortunately, I have seen a ton of panic google searches post direct exposure like the ones below.

  • Can rat poison kill you?
  • Can your dog die from eating rat poison?
  • What will happen if I accidentally eat poison?
  • Can rat poison (rodenticides) hurt kids and pets?

Check out these links below for Material Safety Data Sheets.

For some odd reason, I feel like you didn’t click the links above… hmm. You know what? Because I want you to be safe when handling poisons. I will write a few of these safety precautions here.

  1. Always! Always read and follow the label instructions on the pesticide product. The label is the law and you could be liable for any damage resulting from not following the label instructions.
  2. Indoors, only place rodenticide bait stations in locations that are completely inaccessible to children and pets—inside walls, under heavy appliances, or in enclosed crawlspaces.
  3. Once all signs of rodents are gone, remove bait stations promptly and search everywhere around your home for all the dead rats and dispose of them by placing in a secure plastic bag and putting at the bottom of your rubbish can.

The best way to prevent accidental rodenticide poisoning is to eliminate the risk of exposure in the first place. Safe and cost-effective solutions can ensure that your home remains rodent-free and that your children stay safe.

Here are a few tips:

  • Seal all gaps on the outside of your home and replace worn weather stripping on windows and doors to keep rodents out.
  • Keep your outdoor space clean and organized trim plants and trees and keep your trash cans tightly shut.
  • Check your home for old rat and mouse poison baits that have been left behind from previous use or by a previous occupant.


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