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Netafim is a world-renowned manufacturer of irrigation equipment. Netafim produces drippers, dripper lines, sprinklers, and micro-emitters. Netafim also manufactures and distributes crop management technologies, including monitoring and control systems, dosing systems, and crop management software.

AgriWorldSA says as of 2012, Netafim was the global leader on the fast-expanding market of drip- and micro-irrigation. In it was the overall largest provider of drip irrigation systems, with a global market share of 30%.

Netafim’s greatest goal is to overcome stumbling blocks. Working in an agricultural environment implies a host of physical challenges to irrigation and crop production in general. These are challenges such as dripper clogging, root penetration, sloping fields or orchards, poor water quality, low water pressure and more. In our products, technology and clever solutions are used to overcome these challenges. Solutions come in the form of pressure-compensated drippers, high durability dripper lines, fully automatic self-cleaning disc filters and new screen filters, ultrasonic bulk water meters, reliable and durable sprinklers and much more.

Netafim’s success is built on 3 pillars, it’s quality products, the expertise of its employees and the years of accumulated knowledge and experience with which the products are applied.

Given the strong reliance on expertise, the Netafim sales team is structured as technical advisors, rather than sales consultants. We sell our products through a network of dealers, while the agronomy team offers unique agronomic support.

Netafim believes that it can make a difference not only as a technology provider, but also as a promoter of more sustainable practices. This is why Netafim wants to drive the mass adoption of precision irrigation solutions to fight the scarcity of food, water, and land.

The Netafim offer

The Netafim offer includes a wide range of leading irrigation and complementary solutions across all crops, conditions and terrains. This includes drippers and dripper lines, micro- and macro-sprinklers, valves, filters, water meters, crop management technology (CMT) and ever-developing digital farming solutions

Drip products

Open field integral dripper lines

Pressure compensating:

  • UniRam™

  • DripNet PC™

  • UniTechline

Non-pressure compensating:

  • Aries™

  • Typhoon™ Plus

  • Streamline™ X

Undercover online button drippers

Pressure compensating:

  • Woodpecker

  • PC Junior

  • Button drippers

Sprinkler products



  • SuperNet™

  • GyroNet™

  • GyroSA

  • VibroNet™ SD


  • MegaNet™

  • GyroNet™ Turbo

  • D-Net™

Undercover sprinklers

  • SpinNet™

  • VibroNet™ UD


  • CoolNet™ Pro

Complementary products


Arkal disc filters

Manual filters:

  • 50 mm Dual Light

  • 50 mm Dual

  • 80 mm Twin

Spin Klin filters:

  • 50 mm Jasper

  • 80 mm Ruby

  • 80 mm Apollo Angle

  • 100 mm Apollo Twin

Screen filters

  • Screenguard™

A.R.I valves

  • Air valves and check valves

Flow meters


  • Arad MultiJet

  • Arad IRT

  • Arad WST

  • Arad Octave


  • Fert SF

  • Fert

Hydraulic valves

  • AquaNet™

  • Netafim™ plastic hydraulic valves

Flexible pipes

  • FlatNet™

  • FlexNet™

Digital farming solutions


  • NetMCU

  • NetRTU

  • NetBeat™ One

NMC legacy products

  • NMC Jr

  • NMC Pro

  • RadioNet™

  • NMC Pro Climate


  • NetaJet 4G™

  • NetaFlex 3G™

  • FertiKit 3G™

  • FertiOne™

  • MixRite

Drip kits

NetaKit™ and FDS™


  • DripK

  • FDS™ (Family Drip System™)


  • SprinK

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