Experts are saying that you should avoid crowded places, shop online!


Experts are saying that you should avoid crowded places whether you are (self-distancing) self-isolating or not. 

Practice good personal health habits and plan for home-based actions…

Practice everyday preventive actions now. 

Remind everyone in your household of the importance of practicing everyday preventive actions that can help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue.

During an outbreak in your community, protect yourself and others by:

  • Staying home from work, school, and all activities when you are  sick with COVID-19 symptoms, which may include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.
  • Keeping away from others who are sick.
  • Limiting close contact with others as much as possible (about 6 feet)

    FarmAbility is one of the fastest-growing online shopping stores in South Africa. With an extraordinary team, a wide range of inventory and a satisfied customer base, FarmAbility is growing.

    Shopping online has really caught on over the years. According to itweb, convenience and price are cited as the main reasons for not going into a physical store, as shopping online saves time and cuts down on the hassle of shopping in-store, including travel time and finding parking.

      66% of respondents who shop online do so at least once every three months. 

    Nearly 70% of those who shop online do so at least once every three months, and 6% say they do so once a week. Over 80% say they have either increased how often they buy online in the last year, or have maintained the same frequency. Of those surveyed, 46% said they have used the Internet to buy something online. Of the respondents who said they shop online, 25% were above the age of 60, but the majority, 40%, were under the age of 40.

    People are realizing the benefits of shopping online. When you shop from our online store you will definitely enjoy the numerous benefits.

    • No crowds.

    Yes, you can buy whatever your heart desires on our website without being stepped on or standing at any queues. It will just be you alone browsing freely at your own pace without the ruckus and noise of an overcrowded shop.

    • Convenience.

    You can shop from the comfort of your home at any time. Normal trading hours do not affect us in any way. You can shop at FarmAbility at 3 am if you like because we are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year even on public holidays.

    • Sales Expert.

    If you need any assistance or to speak to a consultant simply select or tap on the WhatsApp icon on the right of your screen and talk to us. If you need to call or come see us, our contact information and physical address is on our contact us page. We are here for you. 

    • Fast Delivery.

    We went through a rigorous process to ensure that we have only the best courier partners. We have a whole department that deals with deliveries only. They know where your package is in real-time.

    • Perfect for surprise gifting.

    You can buy gifts from our online store and send them directly to any address of your choice throughout South Africa. Discreetly.

    • Read reviews.

    Customer reviews will show you our consistency and our professionalism.  We are 100% hands-on.

    But is FarmAbility a safe online store to shop from? Yes. Definitely!

    The core of our business is weaved around exceptional customer care, satisfactory user experience for all our customers on our website and finally, ensuring data protection for our customers. Online payments are handled by Payfast, ensuring a secure payment environment. Alternatively, you can always do an EFT.

    Our CEO De Klerk Kruger created FarmAbility and added it to his successful group of companies in 2017. The first business was created in 2003 and is made up of the following…

    Simply Beverages

    Is a beverages logistics company that handles logistics at special events for Coca-Cola and South African Breweries

    Simply Tents

    Is an events infrastructure company that rents out an array of tents in different sizes from Marque to Stretch Tents. Their inventory also includes Mobile VIP toilets, Dance Floors, Double Door Fridges, Mobile bars, Outdoor Heaters, and Lighting.

    Simply Commercial

    This is the property side of the group that handles residential and commercial rentals that is owned by the group.


    An online store specializing in the retail of a wide range of products from camping accessories, hardware, DIY, automotive equipment and power tools.

    Online shopping is a trend that is definitely here to stay.

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