In the Spotlight | HIKVISION EZVIZ C6C ez360 1080P Security Camera

The ez360 offers expansive field-of-view coverage with 340°horizontal, 105°vertical upward and 15°vertical downward rotations.


Vertical Rotation






Horizontal Rotation

(Up to 10 meters)

(Up to 256GB)


Privacy Shutter

360° HorizontalFOV

Two-Way Audio

Smart Tracking

Infrared Night Vision

Supports MicroSD Card

360° Horizontal View

Smart Tracking, Constant Follow-Up

The ez360 keeps a lookout for you. Upon detection of movement, the ez360 automatically captures and tracks the motion while delivering notifications and video recordings in real time.

One-Touch Privacy Protection

The thoughtfully-designed privacy shutter allows you to turn the lens off whenever you need privacy.

Realistic Colors, Crisp Visuals

Up to 1080p resolution and 2-million pixel HD quality. The ez360 also supports 4X digital zoom.

Brilliant at Night

The ez360 uses two powerful infrared lights for night vision up to 10 meters (depending on the environment). Switches between day and night modes automatically.

Real-Time, Two-Way Talk

When you are away from home and want to speak to loved ones or pets, there’s two-way talk. Just press the button on the EZVIZ app and the ez360 will help you do the rest.

EZVIZ app interface images are for illustrative purposes only.

Easy Installation

The ez360 comes with screw-in base mounts and supports image flipping, allowing for table or ceiling installation depending on your needs.

Compatible with the Alarm Sensor

The ez360 can be integrated with EZVIZ alarm sensors via the app. Once an alarm is triggered, the camera will immediately capture a picture and video footage and send them to the device owner.

Multiple Storage Options

With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your recording. The cameras can even save to all three locations at the same time for added backup in case a camera is damaged or your network crashes.

Built-in SD Card

Encrypted Cloud Storage


Security At Your Fingertips

With the EZVIZ app or EZVIZ Studio, you can protect, capture, save and share what’s valuable to you.

Live View

Real-Time Talk

Instant Alerts

Video History

Up to 8x Zoom

Smart Home Enabled

EZVIZ app interface images are for illustrative purposes only.

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