How is an Impact Driver different from a regular drill driver?

DeWALT 18V Li-Ion Brushless 1/4 Inch Impact Driver

If you are like me and have been wondering about what an Impact driver is and what makes it different from a regular drill driver here is a short video clip going in detail about exactly that. 

Charlie DIYte starts off by saying “In today’s video I will be explaining the difference between Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers! Several months ago, one of my subscribers asked me what the difference was between drill drivers and impact drivers, and it was this question that inspired me to make this video. If you’re watching this video, the chances are you have a drill driver – the most popular power tool ever because it’s just so versatile.

The keyless chuck accepts round drill bits, hex shank drill bits for drilling, but by slipping the tool into the slower speed, you can also use it for driving in screws – putting a hex shank screw bit into the drill. But if you’ve graduated in your DIY to the stage that you don’t want to keep chopping and changing between drill bits and driver bits on one tool, and you want a tool that’s dedicated to driving in screws (eg you’re putting some decking down), or screwing plasterboard to stud work) then you may be ready to upgrade to an impact driver, and so this video is for YOU!

An impact driver is dedicated to doing one job – driving in screws. It has a collet rather than a keyless chuck, which only accepts hex shank screwdriver bits/ attachments. It uses bit rotation AND concussive blows to drive home the screws, and it is the concussive blows that give the drill driver its raw power – and which crucially transfer all that force into the screw and away from your arms and hands, making it a lot easier to use than a drill driver.

So, in this video, I put my Ryobi drill driver and impact driver against each other in a couple of tasks – to see which works best and to help decide which tool would work best for YOU! And finally – I point out just how important it is to use POWERFUL BATTERIES with your Drill Driver or Impact Driver. TODAY’S TOOL KIT Clicking on the links below doesn’t cost you any extra, but by doing so you help me to make a little money from each product you buy, so that I can keep making this free content. Thank you!” 

Here is his video illustration.


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