Electric fencing for sheep and goats.

How Electric Fence & Netting Works

What is electric netting?

Electric netting is portable electric fencing which is a fast-effective way to control most farm animals like sheep, goats, and poultry. Electric netting is also used for crop protection as well as gardens, landscaping, and orchards. In essence, the electric netting is used to keep livestock in and predators out.


Nemtek Electric netting

Electric netting features?

Let us • Heavy-duty UV stabilised poly wires
• 3 x 0.20mm stainless steel conductors per horizontal fence line
• A total of 10 horizontal fence lines of which 9 are electrified. The bottom wire is not electrified as it touches the ground
• Metal clip to join multiple nets together
• Two-pronged metal foot for stability
• Repair kit and corner post-tie-downs included
• Multiple nets are easily connected

Electric netting is visually appealing; animals often just want to touch it with their sensitive noses, ears, feet or rub their bodies on it. The result from this is that the energizer will send a strong enough shock through the fence, shocking the animal. After a while, the animals will view the netting as a painful thing to never approach.

What happens when animals touch an electric fence?

  1. The energizer pushes an electric pulse through its “+” positive terminal to the fence.
  2. The pulse travels through the conductors and pressurizes the fence with excess electrons. The pressure is measured in volts.
  3. When an animal touches the fence, excess electrons enter it and travel through the animal to the ground.
  4. After exiting the animal, the pressurized electrons travel through the soil’s moisture back to the energizer’s ground rod.
  5. The electrons collected by the ground rod are received by the energizer via the “-” negative terminal. The amount returned is equal to the shock effect.

What are the factors that affect a pulse’s strength and shock effect?

  • Joules of output from the energizer equal the volume of electrons in a pulse. The more joules, the larger the potential shock effect to an animal.
  • The resistance of conductors, animal and soil. High total resistance absorbs more electrons and reduces the shock effect.
  • Electron loss via grass contact and poor insulators. Electrons that leak this way are not available to shock the animal.
  • Soil resistance. This also absorbs electrons and reduces the total electrons that complete the circuit.
  • That it doesn’t need a gate. Instead, just remove either end post.

Mobile fencing for sheep

Farmers across South Africa are choosing this reliable Nemtek Sheep & Goat Netting. 


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