Burger Cake DiY For Kids Birthday Party During Lockdown

Children don’t like birthday parties that suck. Everybody knows this. During lockdown, it becomes even harder to come up with creative ideas for a fun-filled day. Now, it goes without saying that it`s not a birthday party if there is no cake. What are you going to do now that your favourite cake bakery is closed due to the Covid19 lockdown? If your family loves meat the way mine does then you’re in for a treat. 


You`re in luck, we have an idea that will save the day. Have you ever heard of a burger cake? It is a fun, extraordinary and whimsical delicious treat. All you have to do is make beef burgers for every family member that you are self-distancing with. Stack the burgers up and stick cake candles into the buns. Serve with homemade fries and juice. 


For your burger cake to look amazing and wholesome, you need to have perfect beef patties. How do you make the perfect burger patty? Easy… 

The Claasens patty formers (presses) are made from cast aluminum and is epoxy coated. Thus making them easy to clean in warm, soapy water and should be dried thoroughly. Other than that, the patty formers are maintenance-free.

For best results :

Use freshly ground mince, press into a little ball and place on a patty divider (available as an optional extra). Lower the patty former over the mince and exert pressure.

Operation is easy:

The firmer the pressure, the firmer the patty will be. Lift the patty former and place another patty divider on top.

It is only necessary to use patty dividers should you need to stack and freeze the patties.

Here`s a nice short video for a quick demonstration.

Claasens Patty Former ON SALE!

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